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Does your septic tank stink?
Worried about overflow?
Tired of emptying your septic tank?
Ran out of space for construction?
Want to treat & recycle the water?

Managing your sewage can be a cumbersome task and conventional septic tanks can give you a headache. We at Ekam understand the challenges and our solutions are carefully designed to not just solve your problems but also to meet the regulatory standards and environmental norms.

Conventional septic tanks are normally constructed underground using concrete or fibreglass and operate without the presence of air. Taking all these design parameters along with the geographical variations into consideration, our retrofit solutions easily gels with the existing infrastructure and delivers superior quality results.

Anaerobic bacteria culture can play a vital role in the sludge digestion in the septic tank. This helps in reduction of the settled sludge volume by slowly eating into the matter. The process of aerobic digestion breaks down the sludge into simpler compounds like methane and carbon dioxide. These bacteria are less sensitive to changes in pH and temperature, making them reliable in harsh conditions like at the bottom of septic tanks. 

Commonly used bacteria for anaerobic sludge digestion includes Clostridium, Desulfovibrio and Methanobacterium. They work together in a complex ecosystem breaking down organic matter and produces biogas as a byproduct


Sewage CARE Anerobic : The magical Bio Culture for all your problems

Waste water disposal needs an intricate infrastructure and an institutional backup through local governing bodies. Septic systems are a boon to areas that lack infrastructure for sewage treatment. It can also act as a back up at urban homes but keeping it constantly active is very important as intermittent use reduces its efficiency. Sewage CARE Anaerobic is a specially formulated and curated bacterial culture with exactly this thought at its core. The consortium of bacteria and nutrients keep the septic tanks constantly in operation by effectively degrading the sewage and removing the pathogens & odor, making the water safe for disposal or reuse.

As easy as it can be

Coastal Regulation Zone 
No sewer line connection
No construction zone
All terrain
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