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Myth: Water is necessary in a urinal to flush down the #PeePee. Without water, urinals would stink.
Fact: #PeePee is 95% water and can flow down the urinal by itself. #PeePee reacts with water to produce Ammonia which is responsible for the smell.

This myth alone is costing us 2-4 liters of water for every use and spoiling our restrooms, while at it. The dampness in urinals offers favourable environment for microbes & air-borne infections. Plus, the water used for flushing urine increases volume of sewage generated in cities.

We want to save this water and create an odor-free #PeePee experience.

Now you have options to choose from

Zerodor Waterless Urinal Kit

Zerodor Waterless Urinal's patented and awarded technology helps you save water, remove odor and turn your restrooms into a clean, hygienic place that you cannot stop showing off.

No FLush Waterless Urinal Program

The waterless urinal program kit has 2 biological and natural cleaners and a specially formulated consortium of bacterial block that keep your restroom healthy and safe without using any water at all.


These blogs may help you decide if you should go for a waterless urinal or not!

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