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Transform your organic waste into resource with our innovative bacterial composting culture.

Composting is a highly effective way to treat organic solid waste from households and businesses with a local setup. Talk to our expert to learn more about composting.


Individual Households & Large Societies


Large Canteens


Hotels & Restaurants

It's as easy as throwing your waste into the Dustbin
Try it, we are sure you will love it.


At Ekam, we specialize in providing high quality solutions designed for transforming waste management for businesses, industries and more. Our product harnesses the action of probiotic bacteria to rapidly break down organic waste, offering a sustainable way for waste reduction and resource recovery. We provide complete organic waste management and composting service at your location. 

Why choose Bacterial Composting Culture ?

  • Sustainability and Environmental benefits

By implementing bacterial composting culture, you are adopting a sustainable and green way to treat and manage organic waste. It enables significant waste reduction and helps in diverting organic waste from landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Embrace sustainability and enhance your corporate environmental stewardship. 

  • Odor Control and Pathogen suppression

The specialized bacteria in our composting culture aid in odor reduction, creating a more pleasant working environment. Additionally, they help suppress harmful pathogens, ensuring a safer waste management process for your employees and the surrounding community.

  • Versatile Application

Our bacterial composting culture is suitable for a wide range of organic waste types, including food waste, agricultural residue, and industrial by products. It can be utilized in various waste management settings, such as composting facilities, manufacturing plants, commercial kitchens, and more.

  • Accelerated Decomposition

Our bacterial composting culture is meticulously formulated to supercharge the decomposition process  which reduces processing time and improves overall waste management efficiency.

Partner with us for efficient Waste Management

  • Expert Guidance

Our experienced team is committed to providing comprehensive support throughout your waste management journey. We offer guidance on product implementation, process optimization, and ongoing technical assistance to ensure optimal results.

  • Product Consistency and Reliability

We guarantee a consistent supply of our bacterial composting culture, allowing for uninterrupted waste management operations. Rely on our reliable deliveries to maintain a seamless waste management process.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Our bacterial composting culture offers cost savings by reducing waste disposal expenses and providing an opportunity for resource recovery. It helps you optimize waste management costs while contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy.

  • Training and Education

We provide training programs and educational resources to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed for successful waste management. Stay updated on best practices and maximize the benefits of our bacterial composting culture.


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composting process

1. Waste Segregation

Organic waste needs to be
collected seperately at source so that it becomes easier for the process

2. Shredding

In case there are large sized waste materials, it needs to be shredded into
smaller particles so as to enable fast composting.

3. Mixing with compost culture

Then composting culture
is mixed with  the waste in bins

4. Storage in racks

The bins are then stored in 
racks and kept for the 
composting process.

5. Compost ready after 28 days

The compost will be ready

after 28 days to be added to the soil.

Watch our expert explaining the process

Tons of waste are getting converted into Compost every day and they are loving it.

Indian navy as a customer

Indian Navy


indian navy as a customer

Indian Navy


indian navy

Indian Navy


dhl client
ekam eco client
ekam eco client
ekam eco client

And over 23+ Hotels in Diu

bacterial culture for composting
science of composting

End to End Guide for Composting at Home

Learn about how does our Aerobic Composting work, why is it important to take up composting, what are the different types of Composting processes and how is it different from Bokashi Composting.

The Science of Composting: An analysis of Energy, Pollution and Costs Involved

The science behind Aerobic Composting is quite interesting. We can all make a cleaner world by these simple yet powerful techniques.

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