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CARE Products are now Green Pro Certified!

All CARE products are non-toxic and made from natural ingredients and are Green Pro Certified. These CII-IGBC Green Pro Certified products are completely safe for your entire family, including your pets. GreenPro is a product certification that helps an environmentally conscious customer to make an informed choice to buy eco-friendly products. GreenPro is a mark of guarantee that the product is environment-friendly throughout the different stages of its life cycle which includes the Design Stage, Raw Material Selection, Manufacturing Process, Product Performance during Use, Disposal and Recycling. For more information on Green Pro, please visit

The Plastic Neutral partnership is part of our resolve to CARE for our homes, family and the planet. It's the first step we've taken to measure and reduce the plastic footprint CARE bottles generate. We're committed to reducing this further by rethinking the way we pack CARE cleaners. Our mission is to build solutions that are One with the Earth and commit us to build a closed-loop circular supply chain. To know more about how our Plastic Neutral Program works, visit


What are CARE Products made of?

It is quite natural to get scared when we hear the word 'Bacteria'. After all we have grown up with images of sickness and danger associated with bacteria. But, the fact is there are multiple strains of bacteria that exist in nature which are helpful for human and environmental health. Remember the Lactobacillus Bacteria in curd that helps us digest the food more effectively? In fact, we have been surrounded by Bacteria right from the day we are born. Likewise, there are good bacteria in the nature that helps us keep our surrounding clean and hygienic.

Our Bio-Enzymatic products are loaded with safe and natural spores of bacteria and enzymes. These specialized bacteria and enzymes are carefully selected for specific actions like cleaning, removing stains & odor and degrading organic matter.

Let's understand how they work

To understand this better, let us look at some basics on how bacteria and enzymes work together in tandem. Bacteria are primarily microorganisms that are present in most of the earth’s habitats, including soil, water, dust particles and even in our gut. Whereas, enzymes are not alive and are produced by live bacteria which facilitate them to do their job. Enzymes act as catalyst and accelerate the process by breaking down the complex chains of waste particles like organic waste, urine, grease, stain etc. which in turn is consumed by the Bacteria more easily and efficiently. These smaller particles act as food for bacteria which is digested and broken down into two basic compounds namely Carbon Dioxide and Water.


A simple 5 step process


Bacteria produces enzymes


Organic waste molecules lock with specific enzyme


Enzymes break down the organic waste molecules


Bacteria consume / degrade the broken down molecules of organic waste


Bacteria digest the molecules and releases CO2 and H2O

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