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Natural Rejuvenation of Waterbodies (Rivers, Ponds, Lakes and Nallas)

What is the need of the hour?

River Rejuvenation

River Rejuvenation

lake and pond restoration

Lake, Ponds Restoration

nallah rejuvenation

Nallah Rejuvenation

A quick glance on condition of Water bodies in India

  • Over 80 % of India's surface water is polluted. 

  • About 60 % of waterbodies in India are affected by Eutrophication.

  • About 78 % of wastewater is discharge into water without treatment.

  • India ranks 120th out of 122 countries in terms of water quality.

  • Approximately 600 Million people in India are facing high to extreme water stress.

Inland waterbodies, including lakes, ponds, rivers and the drainage channel / nallas play a vital role in the ecological balance and socio- economic wellbeing of any country. These water resources hold immense importance for both humans and the environment. India has a vast network of waterbodies, but their condition in often poor. According to a report by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), 80 % of India’s waterbodies are polluted.

The main sources of pollution are untreated sewage, industrial effluents, and agricultural runoff. Unplanned urbanization is also a major cause behind these problems. Neglect and inadequate waste management practices have further contributed to the deteriorating condition of water bodies.

The contamination of freshwater sources poses a great health risk for the communities reliant on these for their basic needs, and can lead to waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid. It causes death of aquatic life which can disrupt ecosystems and food chains.


Restoring water bodies in India is of utmost importance keeping in view the rising urban population and the pollution discharge volume and concentration that increases with it. Natural solutions like Bioremediation offers a sustainable approach to revive our waterbodies. They promote ecosystem restoration, improving water quality and preserving biodiversity. Implementing natural solutions reduces reliance on chemical treatments, which have adverse effects on aquatic life and human health.

What we provide ?


  • We provide complete end to end waterbody restoration service

  • Expert Consultancy service from our Environmental experts

  • River rejuvenation

  • Lake/Pond Restoration

  • Nallah Rejuvenation




aerobic microbial culture for sewage treatment

Aerobic Microbial Culture

How our Approach is different?

  • We use Natural methods like Microbial remediation and Phytoremediation

  • Our approach focuses on restoring the entire ecosystem

  • We reintroduce native plant species

  • We work to reinstate natural flow patterns and hydrological processes

  • We incorporate vegetated buffers to enhance water quality

  • We promote sustainable land management practices to prevent pollution and sediment runoff

* Some of the steps are applied based on the requirement and feasibility of the location

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