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Avoid touch Avoid Flush Avoid Contamination

COVID 19 is just the first one in the human race where we are observing the effects too far-reaching and larger durations than ever.

The human race tends to find out a workaround for each difficulty very quickly. Similarly, we have one small workaround to the spread of contamination which is a "touch". So we are finding no touch flush, no-touch door opening, no-touch attendance system.

There are going to be more of such pandemics, infections, biological attacks as a human activity or natural calamity, anything is possible and we have to adapt to it.

One such invention which can also work as a touch-free solution in men's washrooms is the flush free urinal programme. The NOFLUSH ( programme enables us to convert any men's urinal into a flush free, no touch urinal with "No ODOUR" and still hygienic without any mechanical/architectural changes in the existing system. Only one change that may be required is the removal of bottle trap and setting simple pipe connection and removing batteries if there is an auto flush system already installed.

Someone designed the Waterless urinal System far before to save water and odour will also save us from contamination. Think over it.


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